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I'm currently "maitre de conférence" (assistant professor) at the department STID of the IUT of Paris 5, Université Paris Descartes. I'm a member of the laboratory MAP5. Here is my CV in french and here is the full version of my "Habilation à Diriger des Recherches": HDR.

Contact informations:  MAP5 (bureau 733-O)     Département STID (bureau B4-16)
Université Paris Descartes     IUT de Paris 5
45, rue des Saints-Pères     143, avenue de Versailles
75 270 Paris cedex 06     75 016 Paris
Téléphone : (+33) 01 76 53 03 79     Téléphone : (+33) 01 42 86 48 27


PhD students

  • From October 2018 until 2021 I will supervise the PhD thesis of Thi Thanh Yen Nguyen on "Mathematical, data-driven modeling of the dynamics of brain vulnerability and senescence in neurodegenerative diseases". This is a joint supervision with Antoine Chambaz (Professor at MAP5) and Christian Neri (INSERM Research Director at IBPC).
  • Since October 2016 I am supervising the PhD thesis of Vivien Goepp on "Latent models in survival analysis and heterogeneity in cancer treatment response". This is a joint supervision with Grégory Nuel (CNRS Research Director at LPSM).

Research interests

  • Survival analysis with right censoring, left truncation, interval censoring
  • Recurrent events analysis
  • Competing events/multi-state models
  • Modelling/detecting heterogeneity with frailty models/mixture models
  • Cox, Aalen and single-index regression models

My last conferences

Les maisons en location de mon ami Marion à Belle-Ile, ici et ici