$$ \def\NN{{\mathbb N}} $$
$$ \def\RR{{\mathbb R}} $$
$$ \def\CC{{\mathbb C}} $$
$$ \def\ZZ{{\mathbb Z}} $$
$$ \DeclareMathOperator*{\dom}{dom} $$
$$ \DeclareMathOperator*{\TV}{TV} $$
$$ \def\STV{\mathrm{STV}} $$
$$ \DeclareMathOperator*{\argmin}{argmin} $$
$$ \DeclareMathOperator*{\TVani}{{TV}^\text{ani}} $$
$$ \DeclareMathOperator*{\HTValpha}{{HTV}_\alpha} $$
$$ \DeclareMathOperator*{\divergence}{div} $$
$$ \newcommand\RRRR[1]{\RR^{#1} \times \RR^{#1}} $$

Homepage of Rémy Abergel

About me


I am a young researcher, in Applied Mathematics and Image Processing, working as a post-doctorate fellow at the IMAGES department of Telecom ParisTech.

My Ph.D was hosted at MAP5 Laboratory under the supervision of Lionel Moisan. I have been teaching Mathematics to first year and second year students (level L1 and L2) at I.U.T of Paris Descartes (department of Informatics) from 2013 to 2016.

Research topics

  • Image analysis, modelling, and processing
  • Total Variation based methods
  • Convex and nonsmooth optimization
  • Shannon Sampling Theory, Subpixel image processing
  • Poisson noise
  • A contrario methodology
  • Floating-point arithmetic, numerical calculus
  • SAR image processing (target detection, sidelobes supression, sampling)

Source codes and examples

  • new.gif CPSAR-Tools (Complex Pseudo-raw SAR Image Processing Toolbox), software in C language (including independent MATLAB Mex interface) logozip.gif, revised preprint pdfsmall.gif.
  • The Shannon total variation, software in C logozip.gif logo_tgz.gif, in Matlab (version >= 2013) logozip.gif logo_tgz.gif, published version SharedIt / revised preprint pdfsmall.gif.
  • Fast and accurate evaluation of a generalized incomplete gamma function (software in C language logozip.gif logo_tgz.gif, preprint pdfsmall.gif)
  • ASTRE/CUTASTRE A contrario point tracking algorithms (C langage)

Tutorials about total variation based image processing (Scilab)